"The Space life is very interested topic for me, As a Food Technologist I really enjoyed and anticipated to learn space food development. That's how I really liked the internship course."

  • Eswari E

National Dairy Research Institute, Haryana

"It's totally worth the time. Learnt new things in a totally new direction of space food, something that is not part of my academics. Thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions and the activities done. Group activities build a rapport with others in the same course as it's an online platform. Greatly appreciated all the discussions. All doubts were cleared in the sessions."

  • Sakshi D. Patil

SNDT Women's University, Mumbai

"A great initiative on behalf of the Space Food Club doing an internship in the online mode. It was a pretty interactive and interesting topic in the first place. Loved to understand and gain knowledge about the topics covered in the internship. It was also great interacting with various people in India that I can contact in the future. "

  • Khushboo Shirvankar

Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Goa

"I found Space food to be a very interesting topic that i would love to explore if I get an opportunity in future. Overall the course was very informative and I enjoyed working in groups a lot."

  • Bhagavatula Vibhuti

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of higher learning, Hyderabad

"The course was informative. Instructor was very patient while discussing questions that students had throughout course. I enjoyed working on assignment in with team which also helps to gain knowledge from other members. Everything was smooth. Overall very good experience. "

  • Rachana Mahadev Patil

University of Pune, Pune

"The course was wonderful and very informative. It was designed in such way that everyone can enjoy while gaining new knowledge."

  • Dimpi Dave

Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur

"It was a great learning experience. Got to know the basics of space food and its development, which will help me in understanding the concept of space nutrition and also in defence where the food has to stored for a longer time. "

  • Saloni Prachi

JSS academy of higher education and research, Mysore

"It was an amazing course. Learned a lot about space and the type of meals astronauts eat in the space. Learned about the exciting thing about space farming as well. Totally informative course."

  • Moksha Sunil Kaldate

Tilak Maharastra Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra

"Very enjoyable and packed with knowledge! Learned new things and formed new connections with people from different work backgrounds as well. Thank you for the opportunity. "

  • Danis Veron

Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

"I always was interested about the Space life.So I found the course in LinkedIn n I've applied for it n through the course I got so many informations about space food technology, space farming n so on. "

  • Lucky Majumdar

Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Howrah

"It was a wonderful experience to me as a beginner. "

  • V Arun Chandran

KTU, Thiruvananthapuram

"It was really informative for me . Got to learn so many new things. And the way explained every single about the content and things was really amazing. Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you "

  • Mohammed Aqdas Siddiqui

D.Y.Patil University, Navi Mumbai

"This was something interesting topic and i enjoyed learning about the perks of space food manufacturing and consuming the instructor we had for the internship was a fabulous person, he made sure each one understood the topics properly and made it an interactive session each time he conducted one. The participants were very energetic, smart and interactive too and I got to learn a lot from them as well. "

  • Dipti Narayan Naik

Goa University, Goa