Science of Food & Cooking Internship

Science of Food & Cooking Internship

Next batch: Starting last week of February 2023


  • One month

Topics covered:

  • Aspects of food science

  • Gluten vs gluten-free

  • Science of baking

  • Veganism

  • Frying - the science behind it

  • Sugar vs sugar-free

  • Let’s talk emulsions

  • Food building molecules

  • Nutrition calculations

What you learn:

  • Scientific aspects of cooking

  • Planning a nutritious meal

  • Calculating Calories

  • Recipe development

  • Trending culture of the food industry


  • Better job opportunities

  • Significant exposure to the science of cooking & food science

  • Better knowledge of ingredients and recipes

  • A fantastic addition to your resume/CV


Any food or food science enthusiast with a basic knowledge of food can apply

For this internship, a processing fee of ₹1033/- is applicable.

After successful completion of the internship, the intern will be awarded a certificate.